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Estudio Bau & Asociados

Contadores Públicos

In all the areas of activity mentioned below it is our firm commitment to maintain strict confidentiality on all information to which we can access as a result of our work.

It is also important to note that our firm has an interesting network of contacts with professionals in economics, both within our country as well as abroad.


  • Audit of the statements and insurance services.
  • Operational audits and internal control estimation.
  • Accounting outsourcing.
  • Reports and special certifications.
  • Presentations before the General Inspection of Justice.


  • Tax consulting at national, provincial and municipal levels.
  • Tax planning.
  • Determination of tax liabilities with different periodicities.
  • Design of transfer pricing studies.
  • Inspections support.
  • Update reports in adequacy with the interest and characteristics of the user.
  • Recursive actions in administrative and/or judicial instances (first-rate law firms assist us in tax consulting, and in defense tasks in tax and social security matters in administrative and judicial areas).


  • Consultancy.
  • Settlement of salaries and social security and trade union costs.
  • Control of social securities.
  • Inspection support.